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Hartford Public Library

22 of Jack McConnell's photographs have been enlarged and installed as wallpaper on the north and south walls of the Library's main floor, and Wallace Stevens conference room.
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Endless possibilities

See how these rooms have been and will be transformed with Awesome Photo Murals.

What We Do

Awesome Photo Murals produces large photographic wall murals.


Printed on wallpaper and fabric, architects and interior designers use Awesome Photo Murals to transform and beautify community centers, offices, lobbies, restaurants, reception areas, corridors, store windows and all interior living spaces.


Each mural is individually designed and printed specifically for the room. Larger panoramas are created by seaming more than one photograph together.


The photographs on this site are part of Jack McConnell's portfolio of natural settings. When added to walls, the outdoors is brought indoors.


Please turn the page to read About Us, and then view our Gallery of Jack McConnell's photographs. His portfolio is rich with vistas of New England's fall colors, country lanes, harbors, lighthouses, spring wildflowers, barns, mountain streams, forests and meadows.


We look forward to hearing from you to discuss how we can beautify your space.